We could start this write up with the usual Bumph about the launch in 1961, the 150MPH top speed, and what Enzo Ferrari may or may not have said, but if you’re reading this, I am sure you know all about what an E-type is – so here’s the important information about this car:

This gorgeous E-type was manufactured on the 26th November and first delivered to a Mr. B Cunningham, of Warrington. The car has been reassigned it’s original registration of ALG918B.

The car has been restored to original colour and trim specs, in the delightful but unusual opalescent Maroon metallic with black interior. The engine and gearbox are also the original units.

The car has remained UK registered from new and has had only 7 keepers in it’s lifetime.

The previous owner acquired the car in summer 2008 and enjoyed using the car, even coming with us on our 2009 “One month in Paradise” tour of New Zealand.

He continued to use the car but in 2010 decided that a restoration of the car to bring it back up to the best standard would be prudent.

The car was dismantled and the body sent for plastic media blasting and rust removal, followed by a treatment of zinc phosphate anti-corrosion treatment.

The replacement panels were supplied by Hutson Motor Company ad some by Martin Robey. Classic Jaguar racing carried out all the body repairs and prepared the body to a high standard. After all the rust had been repaired the seams were sealed and the paintwork done by Fisk and Daily in Kent.

For the mechanicals, a number of the countries leading specialists were entrusted to do the various required jobs.

Most significantly, the rebuild of the original 3.8 engine was entrusted to leading specialists Sigma engineering, who did the entire job, including a fast road cylinder head porting, to give the car some extra poke. As they did such a comprehensive job, hey also took the liberty of fitting the all-important rear main seal conversion, diaphragm clutch conversion and electronic ignition.

David Lonsdale built the carburettors to his usual high standard, Zircotec ceramic coated the manifolds, and Kent Transmissions did a check over and rebuild on Moss gearbox.

This covers most of the larger elements of mechanical restoration. SNG Barratt provided most of the sundry items.

The interior was done by Suffolk and Turley to original specifications. MWS provided some wider wheels with Pirelli P4000s – giving this car a very modern ride. There’s also a rather modern radio – which you may elect us to replace with a more period item – or we can remove it all together and you can just enjoy the straight-six soundtrack.

In summary – a really lovely E-type that the previous owner described as a “jump in and go anywhere” car.

It isn’t concours, but it is beautiful, in the places you can see and indeed the places you¬†can’t.

All the right people have been involved in the restoration’s key elements, creating a really nice E-type without a ludicrous price tag you may find elsewhere.

This car drives beautifully, as you would expect, and comes works prepared and checked, freshly serviced and with a new MOT.

The original steering wheel is available too – by the way. It does not have the grille badge bar – it didn’t have one for years either. If you wish to have one fitted we are happy to do so.