Engine: Jaguar XK 3.4 litre engine fully remanufactured to new standards by Scholar. High-performance cylinder head and increased compression ratio. Balanced internals and fitted with a lightened flywheel. New oil pump and internals.  Two SU HD8 carburettors with automatic choke (3x Weber 45 DCOE to customer request).  Jaguar XK polished cam covers. Fitted electric fan.

Engine ancillaries: Stainless 6 branch exhaust manifold – copies of the original cast items but welded from high quality stainless. Rebuilt starter, alternator, distributor, water pump. Twin pipe straight through silencer system fitted.

Gearbox & Differential: Jaguar Short Compact 4 speed + overdrive unit. Salisbury 4HA differential. Ratio 3.31-1. All items fully rebuilt by Jaguar specialists.

Chassis: MIG welded tubular section space frame chassis, based on original design. Powder coated in White aluminium colour and designed to replicate the original as closely as possible.

Front suspension – Jaguar dual unequal length wishbones sprung by torsion bar with adjustable dampers. Rack and pinion steering to the same ratio as the original car. Lockheed disc brakes

Rear suspension – Jaguar live axle mounted via fully adjustable 5-link setup, copied from the original C-type design, with rose joint adjustment. Coil over adjustable damper suspension. Lockheed disc brakes.

Wheels – 72 spoke stove enamelled in Silver and fitted with Blockley High Performance 5.50 x 16-inch radial tyres (colour can be changed to customer specification).

Moto Lita steering wheel. Bodywork in full hand wheeled aluminium. Totally accurate recreation of the 1952 Jaguar C-type. Bodywork was moulded directly off Jaguar works C-type 039 and is totally accurate in detail to the original race cars. Two-pack painted in Suffolk British Racing green.

Interior: C-type bucket seats, trimmed in suede leather to front seats, dashboard and door inserts. Silver Hardura transmission covers. Aluminium dashboard in engine turned finish.

Fittings and equipment: 7″ Visor windscreen, silver interior and hardura, original spec C-type instruments and Bluemels 17″ steering wheel with an adjustable steering column.

Exportable worldwide on historic registration. The car can be TUV approved for Germany and registered, or kept registered in UK for administrative purposes for some countries.