As we know, the B10 3.5 was the successor to the earlier and less powerful B9 3.5, which came out in November 1981 on the E28 platform.

These later B10s had an increase power, up to 261BHP from the 3.4 litre M30 engine. They also had a better specification, this one is particularly nice with the Alpina striped cloth Recaro seats, switchable sports automatic gearbox, Headlight Wash & Wipe, Front and rear spoilers for high speed stability (remember this is a 155MPH Bahn-stormer), genuine 16″ Alpina Alloys, tinted BMW Moonroof with slider, rear window blind, and all the other accessories one would find on a 535i SE – which this car was based on.

As a note here, all the RHD E28 Alpinas were based on a standard BMW range model, either a 528i, M535i or 535i. This means this car has the prettier chrome bumpers as opposed to the M-Tech bodykit, but still has all the top specification of the 535i.

This car is number 4 of 25 – well 25 Sytner built cars, but a total of 26 if one includes the single RHD car built by Alpina in Germany.

This Alpina was restored in the mid-2000s by a Sytner Parts specialist named Darren Brailsford, and he purchased it in 2001 (who would be more appropriate to restore such a car). Darren subsequently sold the car to his good friend Mick Cousins – who decided that he loved the car so much that he should take the restorative works to the next level, including a Glass-out respray of the car carried out by Spectrum of Loughborough (photos are on file).

Once they returned the freshly painted Alpina to him, he refitted the glass, using new seals and brightwork where available, including new front and rear bumpers, door handles and Alpina badges! When Darren purchased the car in 2001 it wore thin gold Alpina stripes, which he chose to replace with thick gold stripes. After the respray, After splashing out on the respray, Mick thought it should wear stripes that match the interior seat striping (how right was he!) so he purchased some from Simon Alcorn of the Alpina Register, which the cars still wears today.

When the exterior had been suitably worked over, Mick turned his attention to the interior, fitting a replacement dashboard, Alpina Steering wheel, retrimmed rear door cards, new front door cards and a new headlining – whilst he was there he tracked down a glass moonroof with the correct sliding panel to go in as well!

He also polybushed all the chassis components to sharpen up the handling. Whilst he was down there he also fitted new front calipers, brake lines, discs and pads. He went on to detail the engine bay with a powder coated rocker cover, repainted airbox and numerous other new parts (washer bottles, stickers, trim, fusebox lid etc.) So much so that when the under bonnet area is viewed you could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the car in the Sytner approved used Showrooms in 1987.

We purchased the car from Mick, who had it on display at the Practical Classics Restoration Show in 2013. The car wears the personalised registration B10 ALP and this is included at the stated price.

The car has been featured twice in Total BMW Magazine, once in March 2006 in Darren’s ownership, and again in November 2012 after Mick had finished his restoration and shortly before he kindly let us take custody and enjoyment of the car. It is also known the the Alpina register and anyone wishing to verify the authenticity may contact Sytner Nottingham with the chassis number.

We have used it for high days and holidays, and it is now looking for a new loving owner to cherish and enjoy it, perhaps as an essential stable mate in any collection of BMWs – or even as a totally reliable and infinitely cool daily driver.

I have reams of photographs available for interested parties, and if you could please provide a contact telephone number when emailling that would be much appreciated.