First registered 18th February 1937 at Barrow-in-Furness. Registration number now allocated is WXG 270. Car was registered as GOF 2 and discussions are underway with DVLA to get this number re-allocated to the car.

Chassis No: 18061

Engine: 252322

Exportable worldwide. Shipping can be arranged at cost.

Overall Condition:
This is the third original Jaguar SS100 I have been asked to sell in 20 years.

There are precious few original SS 100 cars that are in an unmolested condition. Many cars have had a chequered history and lack real provenance .

With this car I have the name of the first titled owner, and also the last owner, who had the car in his family since 1963.

This car is quite unusually original , and has a very low mileage. Car has been overseas in a dry climate since 1963 . It has done no more than 2000 miles since then.

After the owner died his family kept the car for a number of years until they recently asked me to sell it.

The car had been carefully looked after and started without any difficulty when we received it at home .

The engine runs sweetly and all mechanicals seem to be working correctly. Over the years in storage the hood and tonneau cover had perished so I have removed them and the car needs a new mohair hood, tonneau and hoodbag. The sidescreens were stored separately and are in excellent condition.

All original Jaguar SS100 had restricted interior body and leg room for taller drivers. SS Jaguars had a diagonal body brace behind the seats. I have rebraced the car with an unseen fitting so that there is more interior room.

The car was retrimmed shortly after WWII. It is all good condition, but the next owner might like to consider a retrim in another colour.We have an excellent lady trimmer who would love to do this work.

The bodywork has a wonderful patina and only a few small period dents . There is no rot and everything looks in very good condition. This SS100 is so original and in such a wonderful overall state that to give it a rebuild would, in my opinion, be like trying to gild a lily.

I hope I look as good when I get to 78 years old.

This is a car that will delight a new owner who appreciates finding and using a car ‘as is’. These cars are increasingly rarely seen at Jaguar days and shows.

For a sporting owner the famous Mille Miglia and many other exclusive events await.

SS Jaguar 2.5 litre engine. 2667.3cc. Fitted with twin 2 inch SU carburettors and choke unit. Polished cast alloy cam cover. Engine fan.

Engine Specification:
Original engine, which runs beautifully and quietly. Steel exhaust manifolds.
Gearbox & Differential: SS Jaguar 4 speed gearbox unit. Salisbury differential.
Chasis & Bodywork: Original chassis and bodywork in alloy and steel bracing to a wooden ash frame. All in very good condition. Louvred alloy bonnet. A totally accurate 1937 Jaguar SS100. Bodywork finished in Regent Green/ Fitted with aeroscreens.
Wheels: 18 inch 48 spoke wire wheels in Silver and fitted with period Dunlop C41 pattern tyres.
Interior: Finished in brown and matching colour carpets. Original steering wheel.
Lucas QK596 headlights.

65,000. This is reputed to be genuine. Car has only done 2000 miles since 1964.

Price: Refer to Roger Williams for viewing in Suffolk. Telephone 07967 339424
Notes: Interested persons should write to me at PO Box 100, Woodbridge IP12 9BA. I will respond with more photographs and more history.