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    Works Built Suffolk C-Type Jaguar

    Typically your Suffolk C-type Jaguar  project would start as follows:-

    A works visit to Woodbridge to inspect our facilities , see what we do and discuss the proposed specification of the car.

    Two models of C-type were built by Jaguar Cars. The 1951 car had 2 x SU carburettors and no bonnet air scoop. The 1953 car had 3 Weber Carburettors and an air scoop on the bonnet. Engine sizes can be exactly as the original 3.4 litres. However the 3.8 and 4,2 litre variants can be specified - all in various stages of tune.

    Gearbox is usually the Jaguar Short Compact 4-speed with overdrive but some customers prefer the 5-speed Tremec gearbox.

    Our car is dimensionally completely accurate having been especially moulded off C-type 039 with its undamaged original Jaguar works alloy body. Almost all the original Jaguar C-types have had replacement bonnets and other body parts in the past 50 years and we are fortunate to have totally correct body moulds to work from.

    Bodywork is GRP with extensive alloy panelling, the GRP gives us an  entirely consistent and accurate bodywork with the considerable advantage of great strength.

    Every effort is made to make the Suffolk C-Type Jaguar as close to the original cars as possible. The devil is in the detail and we believe we have created an excellent reproduction.

    Dynamically our car performs almost exactly as the original car. Speeds up to 150mph are readily achievable. Up front the car has rack and pinion steering with torsion bar front suspension. At the rear are trailing arms and a Panhard rod attached to a Jaguar live axle. The original C-Type did not have a servo but can  be added to the all round 11 inch Lockheed disc brakes.

    A safety collapsible steering column and modified pedals  improve driver comfort and safety.

    A slightly wider drivers seat is available and our car can accommodate drivers up to 6' 6". Seat belts of either a 3 point  lap and diagonal or full harness are available. A club sport roll hoop is also possible.

    A factory built car takes 5 months to complete. Having agreed a fixed price based on the customers chosen specification payment would be usually be by 5 equal bank transfers as the build progresses.

    Customers are welcome to visit us as we progress the work or can receive photographs of the build.

    We always try to carry a stock of the best Suffolk cars and other classic Jaguar cars. All vehicles come fully works prepared and serviced, and ready for use.

    Over 190 cars have already been built by our customers all over the world. Join those who have had a great time building their dream car at home.

    We always have new cars being manufactured to order and built at our Woodbridge workshops. Come and see us to learn more about our cars.


    Suffolk Sportscars Ltd
    PO Box 100
    IP12 9BA

    Sales - +44 (0) 7967 339424
    Workshop - +44 (0) 1728 745055
    Office - +44 (0) 1728 745000 (message service)
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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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