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    Self Build Suffolk SS100 Jaguar

    The Suffolk SS100 is constructed by using a single Jaguar XJ6 Saloon 1968-1986 to provide all the major mechanical donor components. We typically provide a big boys Meccano set which would be everything we would provide to our team on the workshop floor to build the entire car, right down to the last nut and bolt - everything less the assembly. This allows the self-build candidates enjoy all the satisfaction and rewarding aspects of building a car themselves, without and of the associated hassle of a restoration, or having to attempt to build an incomplete car.

    Jaguar XJ6 donor cars provide all the major mechanical components and allows the customer a wide range of options within the chosen specification of their finished Suffolk SS100. A great many Jaguar XJ6 components are easily interchangable with other models. All donor cars supplied by ourselves come with a Jaguar Sports V5C registration document. We can tailor any of a range of parts to suit your build requirements and desires, 3.4, 3.8 or 4.2 litre engines, Jaguar 4 speed overdrive gearboxes, aftermarket 5-speed gearboxes and automatic transmissions are all easily specified.

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    Construction and Building Procedures

    Our Customer Build Manual fully explains all assembly procedures. The Build Manual is updated annually so the information you are getting is always right up to date.

    The customer self-build programme can be  set up and modified to suit your individual requirements.

    First Delivery:

    We would typically prepare all items to enable the '4 corners' of a chassis to be assembled. This would include powder coated chassis plus all brakes, suspension, steering, front and rear hubs plus a pre-assembed rear axle assembly, fuel tank, radiator hoop and stays.

    Second Delivery:

    You would receive the reconditioned XK engine, gearbox, overdrive, propshaft, SU carburettors and inlet manifold, stainless steel exhaust system, radiator and road wheels.

    Third Delivery:

    You would receive the prepared body (can be supplied painted) and a large number of assembly parts including pre-cut floorboards, wiring loom and ancillaries.

    Fourth Delivery:

    Would comprise the windscreen, hood frame, weather gear, seats, interior, brightwork, lamp bar, headlamps and final components.

    All deliveries are at customers calling; there is no prescribed timescale, and we have had some customers who have completed their assembly in as little as 6 months whereas some have taken over 2 years when choosing to do it as a slow and steady project.

    The following is a typical short guide to the assembly procedures:

    1. Chassis to be sited on 4 axle stands in a garage or workshop.
    2. Fit into chassis the 4 special Metalastic bushes that carry the top and bottom differential mounting plates and secure with Loctite.
    3. Fit into chassis (using the Suffolk differential mounting plates) the sub-assembly unit of rear driveshafts; lower arms; outer hubs; inboard disc brakes; differential unit (note: This unit can be completely built by Suffolk prior to delivery of the chassis enabling the customer to fit 'the back end' as a single operation).
    4. Fit the 2 rear tie bars with their special bushes and rose joints.
    5. Fit the 4 spring coils over the shock absorber units of the rear suspension.
    6. Build up the front end of the chassis using the upper and lower suspension wishbones, uprights, brake discs, bearings, and hubs.
    7. Fit 2 spring coils over the shock absorbers and install.
    8. Fit front brake calipers to the uprights.
    9. Fit steering rack to chassis using 3 special polyurethane bushes.
    10. Fit brake and clutch pedals to chassis on pedal shaft.
    11. Fit brake servo and master cylinder to mounting plate on chassis.
    12. Fit 3/16 cupronickel brake lines to inside of the offside chassis rail using 12 clips (4-way connector from servo to brake light hydraulic switch and to individual front calipers, 3 way connector from servo to individual rear calipers).
    13. Install 2 front brake flexi hoses between brake lines and calipers.
    14. Fit fuel tank, contents sender unit and fuel pump to chassis.
    15. Fit 5/16 copper fuel line to chassis (leading from tank to offside of engine compartment) with 7 clips.
    16. Fit engine mountings
    17. Fit bush to gearbox
    18. Using an engine crane (included with engine delivery) install engine and gearbox as one unit (less carburettors and exhaust) on 3 mounting points.
    19. Install Suffolk modified propshaft.
    20. Install radiator mounting hoop, aluminium radiator, electric cooling fan, and water hoses..
    21. Fit exhaust manifolds and Suffolk 6 part stainless steel exhaust system.
    22. Fit 4 special splined wheel hubs with wheel nuts and dummy brake drums.
    23. Fit Suffolk SS100 18" road wheels with Blockley 5.50x18 6ply tyres.
    24. Fit handed L/h and R/h 'SS' logo wheel spinners
    25. Drop body onto chassis (lifting assistance provided on delivery)
    26. Install chrome radiator shell onto the mounting hoop
    27. Fit 4 handmade aluminium bonnet panels over engine compartment
    28. Arrange trimming for interior with Suffolk Sportscars, or your nominated trim specialist (we can supply a half trim kit, comprising seats and door cards complete, and remaining leather and carpet to trim the rest of the vehicle.)
    29. Install wiring loom (the correct position and location of terminals is determined by using Suffolk diagrams as shown in the Customer Build Manual)
    30. Install handbrake and handbrake cable
    31. Install floorboard set, transmission and prop shaft tunnels
    32. Fit seat runners
    33. Fit Jaguar engine with all operational ancillaries: coil, distributor, alternator, carburettors, manifolds etc.
    34. Fit 4 bonnet catches to the bonnet including 4 hold down fasteners to chassis rail
    35. Fit windscreen wiper spindles
    36. Install instruments & switches into predrilled dashboard
    37. Fit hood mountings & rear hood rests
    38. Fit steering column & indicator stalk
    39. Fit carpets & door linings
    40. Fit door locks & latches
    41. Fit windscreen & mirrors
    42. Fit hood frame & mohair hood
    43. Fit dummy fuel tank vent
    44. Fit spare wheel to chassis mounting
    45. Fit lamp bar, front valance & starting handle eye
    46. Fit radiator cap & badge
    47. Fit steering wheel & boss
    48. Fit headlights, front lamps, rear lamps, side lights & indicators
    49. Fit tonneau cover & hood bag
    50. Fit rear view mirror
    51. Check ALL fluid levels carefully before starting engine.
    52. Fit battery and turn ignition on
    53. BEFORE DRIVING: Check oil pressure; water temperature; brake pedal pressure .
    54. Arrange MOT test.

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    Ordering a Car in Component Form

    Orders would typically be placed following a visit to our workshops to learn more about the cars, and have a demonstration on the road. You can then also meet the team and see the parts being manufactured and works cars being assembled.

    Typically, we would ask for a part payment of £2,500 to begin the order, and then 4-8 weeks depending on our current order schedule, to have the first shipment ready for delivery. The balance of this initial order would then be payable once these parts are ready for dispatch from Suffolk Sportscars.

    With regard to the next shipments, we would never chase you or have a schedule for the speed at which you build your car. We allow you to dictate to us how many items of our comprehensive parts list you require and the schedules for parts shipments you request.

    On previous occasions, we have sent entire cars, less the assembly in crates when doing long distance orders. We currently have customers in the Philippines and in India building cars, and have also sold to America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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    Prices and Components

    Part No:DescriptionPrice
    SS127Bonnet assembly: 4 panels of handmade aluminium, correctly louvred, fully formed, cut and trimmed; 3 hinges plus 2 fixings for the front hoop and bulkhead fixings are all supplied in stainless steel; 9 parts6,965.00
    SS126Front Valance - GRP955.00
    SS126aFront Valance - Alloy12.00
    SS134Radiator Shell - chromed188.00
    SS136Radiator Cap - handle chromed12.00
    SS135Radiator Grille - chromed189.00
    SS015Radiator Core - aluminium79.00
    SS002Radiator Hoop5,680.00
    SS137Radiator Badge and 2 enamelled logos14.00
    SS200Folding Windscreen Assembly - chromed with SS logo2,450.00
    SS143Headlamps and stone guards62.00
    SS140Headlamp Bar - chrome with SS logo160.00
    SS142Headlamp Bar Stays and Eyes - chromed28.00
    SS152Rear Lamp Brackets28.00
    SS151Lucas Owls Eye Rear Lights 2 - chromed68.00
    SS154Rear Reflectors33.00
    SS157Horns, chrome, front x 2179.00
    SS158Wiring Loom Relays and Fuses44.00
    SS011Handbrake Assembly198.00
    SS054R Rear shocks and springs x 4585.00
    SS022Front shock absorber mounting plates x 242.00
    SS018Brake Servo and Master Cylinder132.00
    SS009Foot Pedals and Cross Shaft78.00
    SS178Steering Wheel - 4 Spoke Black or Alloy with Wood Trim380.00
    SS175Steering Column (lockable) with Jaguar Safety Collaps Section395.00
    Steering Rack and Track Rod Assembly*
    SS004Mounting Plates for Differential Unit (3)78.00
    SS012Propshaft to Suit Chosen Gearbox*265.00
    SS065Drive Shafts - shortened to SS100 length (2)*180.00
    SS066Lower Rear Suspension Arms - shortened (2)*170.00
    SS010Tie Bars Fitted With Rose Joints (2)188.00
    SS101Exhaust System - Stainless Steel in 6 Parts365.00
    SS183Set of Instruments - with silver faces and SS Logo (6)23.00
    SS172Floorboards - complete set385.00
    SS174Transmission Covers185.00
    SS078Nut and Bolt Kit - labelled for build up sections148.00
    SS079Splined Hubs x 5 (3xLH and 2xRH)318.00
    SS080Spinners x 5 (3xLH and 2xRH) chromed with SS logo269.00
    SS085Engine Mounting Rubbers68.00
    SS087Alternator Bracket SS49.00
    SS088Alternator Adjustor17.00
    SS103Suffolk Water Jacket Casting96.00
    SS168Seat Frames, backs and bases (2)340.00
    SS013Fuel Tank and Straps - 15.5 gallons230.00
    SS122Road Wheels 18" x 5, silver painted - chrome extra775.00
    SS123Tyres 550 x 18 x 5 Blockley plus tapes and tubes1,950.00
    SS080Chrome Knock-on Spinners with SS logo (5)269.00
    SS007Spare Wheel Bracket and Spacers28.00
    SS027Clutch Master Cylinder and Operating Rod34.00
    SS187Ignition switch54.00
    SS188Starter button124.00
    SS189Auxiliary light switch to operate fog lamps (red or green LED?)68.00
    SS190Dashboard warning lamps: 2 x green and 1 x orange/red24.00
    SS182Dashboard Grab Handle (chrome)48.00
    SS159Door Locks, Covers and Door Striker Plates x 288.00
    SS163Aston Fuel Cap and Adaptor Plate, Fuel Hose and Jubilee Clips x 2296.00
    SS164Running Board Strakes x 10, cut to length with rubber inserts46.00
    SS166Interior Mirror
    SS130Starting Handle Eye - chromed88.00
    SS131Ripault Bonnet Catches SS Pattern Chromed x 428.00
    SS194Seatbelt Set New or Donor20.00
    SS195Battery Tray and Clamp Kit19.00
    SS204Wing Mirrors x 2140.00
    SS205Hoodframe, painted black495.00
    SS206Hood in Black Mohair, fitted with timber bow765.00
    *Donor Component - prices shown are for the modification of the item described
    *Donor Component - prices shown are for the modification of the item described

    The range of parts listed above are dedicated to the production of the Suffolk SS100 Jaguar.

    In addition to the above list, a number of minor parts can be sourced from the donor Jaguar XJ6. We can provide these in a fully reconditioned and as-new state, or provide you with a set to recondition yourself.
    The remainder of the parts and all fittings would typically supplied by us, or purchased independently by the customer. We can supply all the parts required for the complete assembly of the car. Full and complete price lists are available upon visitation of our Woodbridge workshops.

    Partial assembly of the chassis, painting, trimming and workshop services are also available.

    We can supply the Suffolk SS100 partially built and will be pleased to quote for specific requirements.

    The chassis, component packages, engine and bodywork are usually delivered by our own staff and transport. Smaller deliveries will be sent by carrier. The chassis and the main bodywork unit can be carried by two strong men. The engine requires an engine crane, which we can bring with us when we deliver to you.

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    Registration of the Suffolk SS100

    INF 26

    A number of Suffolk SS100 cars have been constructed under the Rules laid down in Booklet INF 26, issued by the Department of Transport. The Suffolk SS100 qualifies as a conversion because the car uses the brakes, suspension, steering, engine and gearbox from a single donor Jaguar XJ6. The donor car is over 10 years old. The new chassis is specifically designed and constructed to accept the components itemised above. Completed cars would require a new, current MOT certificate upon completion and an annual MOT test thereafter. This enables the car to carry a period registration from the age of the donor vehicle.

    I.V.A. (Individual Vehicle Approval)

    Cars built for use in the United Kingdom require an I.V.A. Test after completion.

    The test has been successfully applied to a large number of Suffolk cars, which has passed all the I.V.A requirements. Cars that have passed the I.V.A. test are given the latest V5C Registration Document, showing the car as new. This means it can be assigned with a new registration, and no Q plate. For example, a 2017 Suffolk SS100 would wear a number such as "AV17 ABC" when registered, and would then be able to have a classic registration number e.g. "SSL 519" transferred onto it in the same way one would transfer onto any car. Black and silver classic show plates are also available.

    However, because the Suffolk SS100 uses an engine designed 30+ years ago, there are no onerous emission rules, and the car does not require a catalytic converter.

    Overseas Export Sales

    A large number of our cars are built and sold overseas. We are happy to crate and ship worldwide. You can also build the Suffolk SS100 using some donor parts sourced from the 1964-1969 Jaguar S-Type and Jaguar 420 models, which give the rebuilt cars an early date of manufacture. We have extensive stocks of Jaguar XJ6 parts to make up a customer's component requirements .

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    Additional Information

    An online Build Manual is available free of charge online and you will find many useful pictures in our photo gallery on this website. The Bound Build Manual is 114 pages and fully explains all assembly procedures, this book is £20.

    The Trac SS100 Jaguar was born in 1990 and the principal design was by Terry Rowing. Roger Williams took over the project completely and the car became the Suffolk SS100 in August 1995. The car has been in continuous production since 1990. To date over 300 cars have been sold all over the world and we are currently busier than we have ever been.

    However, production is now deliberately limited, and will always remain so. Every new chassis is built to the specific order from a customer.

    We do not carry unsold new stock of chassis, bodies or completed new cars. The Suffolk Sportscars company commenced production at a small factory in Bury St Edmunds in 1996 .Having outgrown the premises we  moved to our larger 7500 sq. ft. facility near Woodbridge. This is now being doubled in size to provide additional production space.

    If you wish me to provide references from previous customers, I will be pleased to do so. The Suffolk SS100 is virtually all hand built and therefore labour intensive. Input prices are rising all the time and inevitably have to be passed on. Increases though, help to underpin the long-term future value of the car you build and own. I am always willing to buy back our cars, and can demonstrate that depreciation is certainly not a factor to be worried about with a Suffolk SS100 Jaguar.

    Cars have been built by customers all over the world. We have shipped component packages to almost all countries of Europe plus the USA , Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, India and Australia.

    We also have cars on the small islands of Madiera, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

    We look forward to discussing your project with you soon.

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    We always try to carry a stock of the best Suffolk cars and other classic Jaguar cars. All vehicles come fully works prepared and serviced, and ready for use.

    Over 190 cars have already been built by our customers all over the world. Join those who have had a great time building their dream car at home.

    We always have new cars being manufactured to order and built at our Woodbridge workshops. Come and see us to learn more about our cars.


    Suffolk Sportscars Ltd
    PO Box 100
    IP12 9BA

    Sales - +44 (0) 7967 339424
    Workshop - +44 (0) 1728 745055
    Office - +44 (0) 1728 745000 (message service)
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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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