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    You can build a Suffolk C-Type Jaguar

    The business of Suffolk Sportscars exists to enable self build owners to build a beautiful Suffolk SS100 at home and over 350 cars have now been built by us and by satisfied owners all over the World.

    Our development of the Suffolk C-type Jaguar extends this facility to a second Jaguar model. Without doubt the C-type is hugely evocative of the 1950's period and has been much 'copied ' by others in recent years.

    We aim to make our recreation of this most famous Jaguar as straightforward to build as our well established SS100. Please note that our car is exactly accurate in all bodywork dimensions as per the original Jaguar car designed by Malcolm Sayer. We believe these dimensions are fundamentally critical on the C-type. With almost every other C-type being made wider and longer than the original, the whole visual perception of the car is compromised. A correct C-type body has to be 5 feet wide, exactly.

    Our chassis is a copy based on the original car also. We do not use square box sections; the original was always tubular.

    Following your visit to our works at Woodbridge you can place an order with us for a £2500 deposit -  this will be credited to the cost of Delivery 1.

    We will agree when the chassis will be ready to be delivered to you.

    Delivery 1

    Chassis, front and rear brakes and suspension, steering, rear axle, fuel tank, wheels and tyres.

    Delivery 2

    GRP bodywork. The body will be first  made up and assembled completely on our own similar chassis here at the works. This can then be disassembled into 3 principal parts and delivered to you.
    Alternatively, following completing of the mechanical build-up of your car you can bring the rolling chassis to our works and we will build your body onto your chassis. 

    Delivery 3

    Engine, gearbox, carburettors and engine auxiliaries. Exhaust manifolds and silencers, radiator and cooling system items. Wiring loom and first fix electrical items.

    Delivery 4

    Instrumentation, body fittings including windscreen, seats, headlamp covers. Second fix electrical items seats and interior mirrors.
    All deliveries can be collected from us by the customer or delivered to your home.

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    Prices and Components

    Part No:DescriptionPrice
    SS001Chassis including front and rear subframes, engine brace and steady brackets and gearbox bracket8,750.00
    SS018Front brake calipers and pads and bolt kit overhauled74.00
    SS026Collapsible steering column shaft and jnuckle joints x 2230.00
    SS028Prop shaft and fixings1,300.00
    SS029Rear axle donor MKII with caliper brackets, woodruff keys and castle nuts (specify ratio - converted specially for the C-Type360.00
    SS030Rear splined MKII Hubs x 2 and fixing bolts490.00
    SS031Rr brake calipers and pads x 2 and fixing bolts and handbrake calipers74.00
    SS033Rr dampers - adjustable x 2 and rear springs x 2380.00
    SS034Rr Radius arms complete with front and rear bush brackets x 2 sets85.00
    SS038Rr Panhard Rod with bush and rose joint192.00
    SS040Brake master cylinder and clevis connector, etc118.00
    SS044Handbrake and chassis bracket and cable set x 3 and diff pivot assy190.00
    SS045Chrome Jaguar spinners LH x 2, RH x 21,790.00
    SS046Wire wheels - 16" 72 spoke 5J rims x 5875.00
    SS047Tyres 600 x 16 Blockley High Performance Racing tyres x 5155.00
    SS047aTapes and inner tubes x 555.00
    SS054Engine mounting brackets x 2 rear steady bar set78.00
    SS056Alternator adjustor86.00
    SS062Radiator alloy C Type replica and 15lb cap and overflow hose890.00
    SS077Oil catch tank and flex alloy pipes x 2 and Jaguar alloy cap160.00
    SS093Wire looming - braided360.00
    SS094Fuse boxes x 290.00
    SS097Front headlamps x 2 and mountings x 2130.00
    SS098Front indicator lights x 290.00
    SS101Rear reflectors x 224.00
    SS103Instrument set of 5 (rev counter, speedo, oil/water, amps, fuel)1,048.00
    SS104Speedometer cable and 90 degree drive
    SS119Steering wheel and boss and retaining bolt. MotoLita 15" or 16"320.00
    SS140Bonnet grille chrome fixings
    SS144Windscreen (full width Lexan Perspex)
    SS146Door RH and hinges x 2 (add £346 if LH door is also required)59.00
    SS147Door inner handle, latch and catch (each door)14.00
    SS149Instrument binnacle and dash panel (alloy)
    SS155Aston 5 inc fuel camp and adaptor and allloy mounting plate to body114.00
    SS157Interior GRP gearbox cover and transmission cover380.00
    SS158Seat buckets Laminated Plywood90.00
    SS166Tonneau cover in mohair and fittings
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    Registration of the Suffolk C-Type

    INF 26

    A number of Suffolk SS100 cars have been constructed under the Rules laid down in Booklet INF 26, issued by the Department of Transport. The Suffolk SS100 qualifies as a conversion because the car uses the brakes, suspension, steering, engine and gearbox from a single donor Jaguar XJ6. The donor car is over 10 years old. The new chassis is specifically designed and constructed to accept the components itemised above. Completed cars would require a new, current MOT certificate upon completion and an annual MOT test thereafter.

    I.V.A. (Individual Vehicle Approval)

    Cars built for use in the United Kingdom require a I.V.A. Test after completion. The test has been successfully applied to a large number of Suffolk  cars, which has passed all the I.V.A requirements. Cars that have passed the I.V.A. test are given the latest V5C Registration Document, showing the car as new. However, because the Suffolk SS100 uses an engine designed 30+ years ago, there are no onerous emission rules, and the car does not require a catalytic converter.

    Overseas Export Sales

    A large number of our cars are built and sold overseas. We are happy to crate and ship worldwide.You can also build the Suffolk SS100 using some donor parts sourced from the 1964-1969 Jaguar S-Type and Jaguar 420 models, which give the rebuilt cars an early date of manufacture. We have extensive stocks of Jaguar XJ6 parts to make up a customer's component requirements.

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    Suffolk C-Type Jaguar Build Manual

    An pdf Build Manual is available free of charge and you can order a CD ROM with all of the illustrations on. Please email us to order.

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    We always try to carry a stock of the best Suffolk cars and other classic Jaguar cars. All vehicles come fully works prepared and serviced, and ready for use.

    Over 190 cars have already been built by our customers all over the world. Join those who have had a great time building their dream car at home.

    We always have new cars being manufactured to order and built at our Woodbridge workshops. Come and see us to learn more about our cars.


    Suffolk Sportscars Ltd
    PO Box 100
    IP12 9BA

    Sales - +44 (0) 7967 339424
    Workshop - +44 (0) 1728 745055
    Office - +44 (0) 1728 745000 (message service)
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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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