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    2018 Suffolk Jaguar Tour - Spain

    Cuenca and Catalonia

    30th May - 12th June 2018

    Spain has a huge diversity of landscapes, heritage and nature driving just 50 miles from one place to another.

    Starting in Bilbao, the drive will cross Castilla-León, Catalonia, Navarra, Basque Country and Cantabria, giving you a perfect example of the life and traditions of each region with limited daily mileages, so you can enjoy the cities and the great hotels selected for the tour.

    Romanesque churches, cities and castles with centuries of history, the oldest company in Spain the places that inspired Dalí and other great artists, the biggest desert in Europe, inactive volcanos. This tour offers you some of the most spectacular places to visit in Spain.

    This brochure describes the tour, starting in Bilbao and finishing in Santander to coincide with the ferry schedule from Portsmouth. Ferry reservations with outside cabins have been made and the booking form requests that you indicate that you wish to use these reservations.

    Day 1
    Thursday 31st May 2018
    Arrival at Bilbao and drive to Soria
    Day 2
    Friday 1st June 2018
    Drive from Soria to Cuenca
    Day 3
    Saturday 2nd June 2018                                                             
    Discover Cuenca and Ciudad Encantada
    Day 4
    Sunday 3rd June 2018                                
    Albarracín: A town of fairytales
    Day 5
    Monday 4th June 2018                                                     
    Codorniú: The oldest company in Spain

    Day 6
    Tuesday 5th June 2018                                                  
    Meeting Dalí
    Day 7
    Wednesday 6th June 2018                                                             
    Cadaqués, the favourite place of great artists
    Day 8
    Thursday 7th June 2018                                                
    Natural landscapes in Catalonia
    Day 9
    Friday 8th June 2018
    Route to the North Coast: Fuenterrabía
    Saturday 9th June 2018                                                 
    Free day in Fuenterrabía
    Sunday 10th June 2018                                                  
    Santander: last stop
    Day 12
    Monday 11th June 2018
    End of the tour                                      


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