About Suffolk Sportscars

Suffolk Sportscars Ltd was started by Roger Williams over twenty years ago, when it was dedicated solely to the production of the Suffolk SS100. Later the Suffolk C-type was also developed and manufactured.

Every year we produce a small number of new build, bespoke cars for customers all over the world. They are assembled in our workshops near Woodbridge in the UK, using all new Suffolk components or re-manufactured original Jaguar parts.

We aim to have some of our Suffolk SS100 and Suffolk C-type models vehicles ready for immediate purchase. We also carry a small stock of classic cars for sale to suit many budgets.

We also offer a self build project for both the Suffolk SS100 and the Suffolk C-type. Our self-build customers enjoy the build process with the additional reassurance of a technical team able to offer advice and support throughout.


Roger Williams was from the beginning a keen and lifelong Jaguar fanatic. He was apprenticed to Botwoods of Ipswich in 1960 for a three year management training course. Botwoods were the Jaguar franchisees for the whole of Suffolk at that time. Visits to Browns Lane to collect new Jaguars from the works were a regular occurrence.

In 1965 Roger left Botwoods to start his own car rental company, Willhire Limited. Over the next 30 years he owned and restored a 1935 SS II, four E-types and two Lister-Jaguars. The two Listers were campaigned in seven seasons of Historic Car Racing in England and Europe. One of these was fully restored by Roger, which many will know as the Briggs-Cunningham Lister Knobbly. He also briefly owned in 1966, a 1936 Jaguar SS100, which had been fitted with a Jaguar Mk VII engine.

In 1971 he bought his first daily-driver Jaguar XJ6 2.8. This was followed by a number of XJ6 4.2 cars and a Daimler Double-Six.

In 1995 Roger met an owner of a TRAC reproduction Jaguar SS100 and decided he wanted to meet the man who made it. By co-incidence the owner of TRAC was looking to sell and Roger purchased the TRAC SS100 company. Roger made several improvements made to the construction design and drivability of the car, developing it into what is now the Suffolk SS100.

The company has expanded enormously from the early days when we began with three employees, to the present day where we occupy over 7,500 sq ft of dedicated secure storage for cars, workshops for assembly and servicing and a showroom in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

Roger’s son, Fraser Williams, has been involved within Suffolk Sportscars Ltd. from a very young age, indeed having been at many shows and events, immersed in Jaguar car history. After 3 years apprenticing at Suffolk Sportscars Ltd. he time spent in working elsewhere in the classic car world, in London and California, before returning to Suffolk in 2016, to run the company when Roger retired.


The Suffolk SS100

Terry Rowing designs the TRAC SS100 – a reproduction of the original SS100 using modern mechanical parts from a Jaguar XJ saloon and the tried and tested Jaguar XK engine.

Roger Williams buys the project

After placing an order for a TRAC SS100 that did not materialise – Roger offered to buy the business. He re-engineered the car and started selling them in both factory build and self build formats, to countries all over the world.

A new workshop

Suffolk Sportscars expanding operation required a larger premises, so in 2006 we moved from Bury St. Edmunds to Woodbridge, Suffolk. Increasing workload meant an increase from 3 to 8 workshop team members.

The Suffolk C-type

In 2008 the Suffolk C-type was added to the range, offering more accuracy than other replicas on the market. The car was developed with a tubular spaceframe and exact dimensions of the original, but some sensible modern additions.

Exceeding original production

Now, with a team totalling 18 people, Suffolk Sportscars exceeded the production of the original figures for the SS100 and C-type cars, of which 314 and 53 were produced respectively.

The Suffolk XK120

Due to customer demand, Suffolk added a remanufactured XK120 to their model range, comprising totally uprated mechanicals and driver comfort, with a hand wheeled aluminium body.
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