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    The first real racing car from Jaguar Cars was developed in 1950 using the all new 3442cc XK engine which had been designed to power the big Jaguar MK VII Saloon. In the same year Herbert Johnson took a new XK120 to race at Le Mans and finished a creditable 16th after 24 hours. William Lyons gave the order to design a proper racing car using a lighter body, clothing a new chassis and the new engine. This was to be the first real Jaguar racing car. The new C-type cars were sent to Le Mans for the 24 hour race and Peter Whitehead astonished the motoring world by finishing first overall. History was made. No other Jaguar victory in future years had as much impact as that first win - straight out of the box. The Jaguar C-type was further developed - not always with success. An attempt to streamline the bodywork for the 1952 Le Mans race deprived the engine of cooled air which led to fatal overheating. However in 1953 the C-type returned to Le Mans and beat the Ferraris and Maseratis again - thanks largely to the fitting of the all-new Dunlop Disc drakes and the now proven reliability of the Jaguar XK engine. C-types finished 1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th at an average speed of 105mph. In all only 53 Jaguar C-types were made. Many have become famous by race victories or by associations with famous people. Some cars have raced continuously for over 50 years. Some have had more gentle lives being cherished for their beauty and purpose. All the originals have stories to tell - all are now valued in millions of pounds by international car collectors.

    Now, benefitting from years of experience and development, Suffolk Sportscars have been engaged in their C-type reproductions for over 10 years, producing over 50 cars.

    Works produced cars can be specified to customer order and is a unique and bespoke built sporting car for the discerning motorist. We are also able to supply self build packages for export for those who may wish to assemble their own car, we typically provide this as a full service, meaning every item one would need to construct the vehicle is supplied, and the car you build will to differ to one we build in house.

    Every finished car effectively becomes an ambassador and represents our product, so it is in our best interests that even owner constructed examples can be as good as a works built car.

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    We always try to carry a stock of the best Suffolk cars and other classic Jaguar cars. All vehicles come fully works prepared and serviced, and ready for use.

    Over 190 cars have already been built by our customers all over the world. Join those who have had a great time building their dream car at home.

    We always have new cars being manufactured to order and built at our Woodbridge workshops. Come and see us to learn more about our cars.

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    We think we build fantastic cars and would like to share what we do with you. Please fill out our Enquiry Form for more information.

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